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Grafometal is an independent family company settled in La Rioja (Spain), with a workforce of 140, engaging since 1988 in the lithography and coating of tinplate as main activity. Our modern service center is complemented by outstanding preprint and coil cutting services that make GRAFOMETAL be considered reference in UV printing on tinplate.

Civil liability

Grafometal, S.A exists to provide a service required by society in a context of respect and fair treatment of its staff, customers and suppliers. We are aware that the company plays a very important role in people’s lives.
In 2014 GRAFOMETAL successfully passed the audit SMETA 4 Pillars by Bureau Veritas certifying compliance with ethical standards regarding trade relations, employer-employee relations, environment, safety and health.


* AME (Spanish Metalgraphic Association):

The Spanish Metalgraphic Association, (AME), a business organization in the sector of the manufacture of metal containers, aerosols and metal closures, in aluminum and tinplate, founded in 1927, is one of the oldest sectoral organizations in Spain.

For more than 40 years José Luis Marín and from 2017 María Eugenia Marín are part of its Board of Directors.

* AREF (La Rioja Association of family companies):

La Rioja Association of family companies (AREF) is a non-profit association that participates in the solution of problems that may arise in the area of family businesses, thus collaborating in its growth and survival.

One of its main instruments is the creation and maintenance of a network of contacts with more than 1000 family companies throughout Spain, implemented through the Spanish Family Business Institute.

The AREF advises family companies and their managers to develop good management practices and implement the necessary governing actors that facilitate an optimal intergenerational transition.

On the other hand, it is responsible for representing the interests of family businesses in public institutions and government, working actively in all forums with decision-making power over aspects related to family businesses.

In 2016 Daniel Marin joins its Board of Directors.


Full inclusion is the organization represented in Spain to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

For more than 50 years, we have contributed to the full inclusion of these people and their families in society.

We defend the rights and promote the quality of life of each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their family.

We fight for a more just and solidary society.

Full inclusion is formed by 17 autonomic federations and almost 900 associations in Spain.

Grafometal was honored with the distinction 'Accomplice with intellectual disability' in 2017



The Foundation has been working with children and young people since 1968 to offer them a second chance through education. We are convinced that from empathy, active listening, respect and professional commitment it is possible to avoid school failure, social exclusion and exercise equal rights of citizens.

In 2017 Daniel Marín becomes part of its Foundation Board.

Collaborate with:

Fundación OnceCocina Económica de LogroñoBanco de Alimentos de La RiojaFundación Cáritas - Chavicar

We are accredited:

Laborprex Auditores - Excelencia PreventivaFundación de Empresarios de la Rioja - FP Dual


Grafometal’s quality commitment is to achieve the full satisfaction of customers in order to ensure our future.

We work to achieve a leading position, being sensitive to the technical and product innovations that arise in the industry, involving our customers and suppliers in our quality objectives and strongly promoting the philosophy of continuous improvement as an essential part of the company’s strategy.


Certificate ISO 9001 ER-0502/1996

Certificate ISO 14001 GA-2015/050

Certificate BRC Packaging

SIG Policy


Grafometal, S.A., aware of the need to respect and protect the environment, , and of the possible impact of its industrial activity thereon, has defined and implemented an Environmental Policy to suit the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of its activity, the general principles of which are:

  1. 1. The commitment to develop a responsible attitude towards the environment, based on continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  2. 2. Adaptation to and compliance with the law and regulations applicable to the company.
  3. 3. Planning of investment in material and human resources in order to meet the environmental objectives set.



Join us on a journey to discover the unique characteristics of metal and its benefits for the packaging industry.

The metal packaging is recycled again and again. So it will always be available to future generations. This means that metal is a permanent material.

During the processes of recycling and reuse does not present any loss of its quality, regardless of how many times the material is recycled.

To date, in Europe, 74% of the metal packaging is recycled, making it the most recycled packaging material (source: MPE). In Spain this rate exceeds 85% thanks mainly to the magnetic properties of tinplate packaging.

The metal packaging industry is the perfect example of a circular economy, with metal being recycled forever into a permanent loop.

The metal packaging is unbreakable, resistant to physical aggressions and punctures, withstands extreme temperatures and pressure, provides a total barrier against light, gas and oxygen, preserves food perfectly and allows to offer products safe, do not require heat or cooling, thus saving up to a 70% in energy consumption, cans offer excellent optimization of space by being stackable, its easy handling reduces losses and costs in stores and homes, its sterilization process allows to preserve food without preservatives. Since the recovered metal (more than 70% in Europe) is used again for the production process METAL CANS AND CLOSURES ARE NOT CONSIDERED WASTE!


  • 2019 New 486 solar pannels.
    Project co-financed by the European Union, FEDER funds. Expedient: 2019-I-EM-00013
  • 2019 Coating line INGHOR HTBI36.
    Project co-financed by the European Union, Spain's multiregional operational programme 2014-2020. Expedient: LR/15/P13
  • 2019 Printing line Metalstar 3, 6C, CIP3, SMS, IST, triple magnetic stacker, Vision Experts Inspection System.
  • 2018 Construction of two loading docks.
  • 2017 Migration to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015.
  • 2017 Migration to Microsoft NAV 2017.
  • 2017 Upgrade B1 and B2 with pile turner and turn table in line.
  • 2017 Air-conditioning system for Coating area.
  • 2017 New Ink Lab.
  • 2016 Upgrade B3 with High-Eco incinerator (co-financed with European Union FEDER funds), pile turner and turn table in line.
  • 2016 BRC IOP level A .
  • 2016 Document Management System DF-SERVER, Server Virtualization.
  • 2016 Maintenance building, workers cantine.
  • 2015 New offices, meeting room.
  • 2015 Inspection system by Vision Experts in printing lines S4, S6, L2.
  • 2015 ISO 14.000.
  • 2014 Coating line KBA Metalcoat 480.
  • 2014 New tinplate warehouses.
  • 2013 Polymer Scraper blade Patent for coating lines.
  • 2013 Incorporation in Family Company Business Asociation.
  • 2013 New lab.
  • 2013 Integrated system for Production Control.
  • 2012 Hengli coil cutting line and coil warehouse.
  • 2011 Lean Manufacturing.
  • 2008 Printing line Sprint 6C.
  • 2008 Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0.
  • 2007 New Preprint Department.
  • 2006 Warehouse for chemical products.
  • 2004 Termal oxidiser (TRA).
  • 2001 Printing line Sprint 4C.
  • 2001 MERCURIO prize: best regional Company of Y2000.
  • 1996 ISO 9001.
  • 1988 Start of industrial activity.

We collaborate with associations and foundations...